Running and Chasing the Dream

Rock N Roll DC last month
I love running. When I first started 12 years ago 3 miles was so difficult. I could never imagine doing more then that. I had a sweet friend that would run with me in the evenings after my baby was in bed. She kept encouraging me and I fell in love with the sport. I did my first half marathon and realized that this was a sport I could do! So fast forward 12 years later and I am still training and trying to get a marathon to qualify for Boston. I ran a marathon last month with two of the most amazing ladies. They are awesome! I followed the plan, cross trained, rested when I should have. The pace was easy. I could do this for 26.2 miles. Then race day came! I stayed the pace for 20 miles and then the dreaded wall happened. My legs hurt, my quads hurt and my mind went CRAZY! I carried my music with me for the entire race and never listened to it. My friends stayed with me and pushed me (or at least tried) but all I thought of was my goal getting further out of reach. I learned allot during that run. I missed my goal by 17 minutes... I am just going to have to keep chasing the dream and someday run in Boston!
 First Marathon in Tri cities Wa
 Wurzberg Germany
 Air Force Marathon in Dayton Oh

 Nashville Marathon (the only picture that was taken) My poor kids had allot of patience that day. It was a record high and humid!
 Columbus Marathon with Megan!

Flying Pig with Mark! It was his first marathon!!!


Jeni said…
Susy I enjoy seeing all these pictures of all your big days. You are so inspiring! Because of you I trained and ran a half marathon and I am so proud. You are the first person I met who ran marathons. I can't wait to see you next month! Congrats on all your marathons.
Susie said…
Oh Sus!You are such a ROCK STAR! You are, truly!
Run Susy Run! You have inspired me so much in my own running. I'll be thinking of you this weekend as I run the Columbus half :)
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they look so young in the nashville pic:) crazy

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