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My Busy Spring

I have been having lots of fun staying busy with a million different things. I am happy to say that I have taken advantage of every opportunity to hang with friends, go shopping at my Pottery Barn Outlet, go running with friends and lots of coffee dates esp. Ghost Light. Our moving date is approaching so quickly. I ran my first 30 K trail race in March with a couple of friends. Loved the experience of running in San Francisco but came away with an injured knee. That led me to the next 6 weeks of little running, PT and lots of exercises to get my knee back on track. I had been training for my second Team In Training marathon called the Flying Pig. It came down to the wire and I wasn't sure if I could do the distance with my knee not being normal. After praying about it and talking to my Dr's I decided to forge ahead. I ran the race and finished in a fine time. It was such a different run then my last marathon. Because of my knee I knew that I wouldn't do any personal record…