Friday, February 2, 2018

20 Year Anniversary Trip

I can't believe it has been 20 years since we said our vows. So much life has happened over the past years. We joined the military, had 2 children and have moved 9 times. I am so thankful for our life together. It has not always been easy (moving every year for 3 years with teens is seriously rough)! We decided to save up and go on a big trip for our 20 Year to Jamaica. What a wonderful 7 day vacation for just us! It was relaxing and carefree! So nice to have a week of just us. Looking forward to a really big trip for our 25 year Anniversary.

Anniversary Dinner on the beach!

Biking down the Blue Mountains

French Restaurant on property

My love

After our Run.
We spent a lot of time relaxing at the beach and enjoying the sunshine.

All ready for the Italian Restaurant!

Sitting on our veranda drinking coffee was a highlight of our morning.

Every day Mark was able to Scuba Dive. He loved it!


Trying New Things

This past year has been a year of change. We moved from a huge running community to an area that does not have the biking and running trails...