Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring is here!

We have had a busy last couple of weeks. We were able to head to Niagra Falls for Spring break. We had never gone before and enjoyed a couple days in Toronoto, Ca and Buffalo, NY. We found the darling chocolate shop in Toronto and enjoyed hot chocolate from Soma. I think that the hour walk to get there was worth it but I might have been the only one to agree with that statement... Marks parents and brother decided to meet us in Cleveland on the way home for a few days to enjoy some time with Mark. It was really nice getting to have them visit. We hope some day that we will live closer then a plane ride to our parents and family. Jonathan and Anna both started soccer this month. We have 2 practices and 2 games a week for each kid. I think I understand the term "Soccer Mom" now! CRAZY! Hope you are enjoying the sun like we are in Ohio. I hope the warm weather stays. I love getting to run outside again on the many bike trails we have here. Happy Spring!

Trying New Things

This past year has been a year of change. We moved from a huge running community to an area that does not have the biking and running trails...