Ode to Skirt Sport

I had never heard of Skirt Sports before, until 6 years ago. I took my older sister shopping for her birthday and she fell in love with the Lotta Breeze Capri. It looked darling on her and I bought it for her that day!  She wore it all the time. She wore it for errands, working out and lounging. She loved how it fit and how cute it looked. After all the raving about this skirt sport company I looked into it. She was right. The Lotta Breeze Capri was amazing. I now own 3 of these Capri's and multiple skirts, shorts and shirts from Skirt Sports. Sometimes older sisters know best. 2 years ago this beautiful sister of mine passed away from Brain Cancer. One of the items that I have in my closet is the first Skirt Sport Capri that I bought it. I wear it often and remember all the wonderful things about her.

I love Running

I love running. When I first started 17 years ago, 3 miles was so difficult. I could never imagine doing more then that. I had a sweet friend that would run with me in the evenings after my baby was in bed. She kept encouraging me and I fell in love with the sport. I did my first half marathon and realized that this was a sport I could do! 15 full marathons later and 22 half marathons and I still love it.
At first I ran to lose the baby weight and then got my husband into the sport. We would go on running dates when our kids were little. We would take turns pushing the big double stroller and just talk and talk and talk. It was wonderful! You can talk about a lot of things during a 3 hour run.
I ran when I was happy and I ran when I was sad. Running played a huge roll in helping me find my joy again after my sister and Dad passed away from cancer 2 years ago.
Over the years my goals have changed. At first I did marathons to just finish. Then I trained harder and did them for time. The on…

20 Year Anniversary Trip

I can't believe it has been 20 years since we said our vows. So much life has happened over the past years. We joined the military, had 2 children and have moved 9 times. I am so thankful for our life together. It has not always been easy (moving every year for 3 years with teens is seriously rough)! We decided to save up and go on a big trip for our 20 Year to Jamaica. What a wonderful 7 day vacation for just us! It was relaxing and carefree! So nice to have a week of just us. Looking forward to a really big trip for our 25 year Anniversary.

Anniversary Dinner on the beach!

Third Move in 3 Years

We have moved again. It was a quick 10 months for us in Alabama and then we headed for another adventure. We moved back to Va. We thought this was where we would come after Marks schooling last year but it is the military and so nothing is for certain on how long or where you are going.

I am ready to put down some roots for the next couple of years. We have the kids in good schools and they seem to be enjoying it for the most part. We are busy. Busier then we have ever been before. Jonathan is in marching band and it requires lots of practices, games and competitions. The good news is that he loves it! The bad news is that our weekends are gone and most evenings too. I am so thankful that I get to be apart of the driving and watching my kids excel in there activities.

Anna is doing Cross County and really enjoying that as well. It is less of a time commitment and only has two meets and two practices a week. I am getting to help coach her age group and it is so much fun.
Hopefully I c…

Fall in Alabama

It has been a quick 3 months since our move to Alabama. We are really enjoying living in the South. I was a little worried when we first moved here and I discovered what humidity was like. YIKES! Since the temps have cooled and weather has changed, I am really liking it here. We are stationed with good friends from Montana so it has been so nice getting to spend time with there sweet family. I miss our friends from previous bases but have jumped in and gotten involved with the ACSC spouse's group. It is so much fun! I have been scrap booking, taken cooking classes at Williams Sonoma, learned some international dishes, helped with some outings and have even met some friends to run with. I am so thankful for this year with my family and the adventures we are getting to partake in. I am not saying it has been easy moving with a teen and almost 12 year old but am so glad we have this year as a family. Mark is home and not deployed! He has a great schedule and we are getting to run tog…


This has been a year of changes for our family. We left Ohio after 4 wonderful years and moved to a small town outside of DC. Mark started a new job, we found a church, the kids got involved in school activities, the kids got a puppy and we all started making friends. Then we found out some news. We are moving again! This SUMMER! To say the least we were shocked. Moving, again, so soon? I am so glad that we have complete trust in our God! For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (NIV Jeremiah 29:11) So the Friesen family is headed to Alabama this summer for 10 months. Mark has the opportunity to go become a student again! Not sure we will have lots of visitors at our new home but it is still always open to all of you. DC has been great and we have had lots of friends and family come see us so far.

A Perfect Evening

We had one of those perfect evenings on Saturday. It was a nice 85 degrees with light breeze. Perfect for grilling and eating outside. Mark loves backyard BBQ's and is always up for using his new grill. It has been so hot and humid in Va this summer.

 We made one of our favorite meals so far on the grill. We grilled fresh Alaskan salmon on cedar planks, wild rice salad (from my favorite Ina Garten), roasted green beans and a tomato, sharp white cheddar cheese bread pudding. It was so good! Our son tried his first piece of salmon ever and he is 12. Then he ate the entire piece. It is starting to cool off in Va. We are hoping for more evenings like this before school starts.