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Christmas Vacation

We were able to go home for the first time in 7 years at Christmas time. It was so nice celebrating Christ's birth with extended family. We had such a great experience with both sides of our family. We were able to go on lots of family outings, watch our niece's Christmas program, celebrate 2 family Christmas parties and have many lovely, family dinners. We even got to go to downtown Portland for a date night and movie!  I loved getting to go on running dates with Mark, hiking with family and enjoying the beautiful weather in Central Oregon. It would be chilly in the morning and up to 50 by mid-day.  The most important part was just being together. I continue to be amazed by my sister Steffy and how well she is doing. Thank-you God for the special time we had with our families! It was such a blessing to all be together.
Now back to school and the real world as of tomorrow morning!