A week to cherish...


Ready to go to Radiation

This little boy melts my heart!
Love this family so much.

My Sisters
Love the darling Pixie cut!
I recently returned from a trip from Oregon to see my sister. I spent 10 glorious days with this precious family. I am so glad I had the opportunity to spend so much time with my sister. I drove her to radiation every day, spent countless hours talking to Steff and playing with my precious nephews. I was able to see for myself how she was "holding up"! She is doing remarkably well. All of the Dr's. are amazed at how her body is handling chemo and radiation and how her spirit is handling cancer. She is truly the example of a godly woman. She is finding joy through this trial and coming out victorious. 


Susie said…
Praying for your beautiful sister everyday, Susy. Her light shines so brightly through her words, and through your shares. So glad you had the opportunity to go spend some time with her during this season.
Jeni said…
I am so happy you got to go make some wonderful memories. I hope you framed that photo of the "Three". I agree that pixie cut is super cute!
Anonymous said…
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