Pottery Barn and new furniture....

Ever since buying our first house, I have wanted a new dining room table. I wanted a farmhouse style with a leaf. A table that you can invite lots of people over for big dinners with out being too crowded. I have had my eye on several but been holding out for a sale.... This weekend I went to the Pottery Barn outlet in Jeffersonville. I found the most amazing table at Pottery barn with matching chairs. I fell in love with the price and bought it! It looks awesome in my dining room and is perfect! It was reduced from $1,000 to 124.99! I went at the perfect time and found exactly what I wanted. I also found a console table, 4 chairs, a new bed for Anna's room, a bench and storage locker. What a great weekend for buying furniture. I have my eye on some black wing back chairs next. Maybe when they go on sale.....


Holy moly did you make out!!! I love it all. I can't believe that price. Wish I could go there with you. All the pieces are so pretty. Those wood floors you have are beautiful.
Susie said…
What a great deal! I think we know where we're going to buy Sarah furniture this fall!
Wow... you did great!!! I love every piece!!!

I really enjoy your blog and welcome you to follow my blog! Join my follower's list and make my day!!!

Have a great week!

Jamie @ Dear Diary
Sarah said…
Leave it to you to find SUCH a great deal!! One of these days, we'll go shopping together again =) That's awesome that you finally got your dining room table =) It all looks beautiful! Love ya!
Raike said…
Pretty cool designs of those home furniture!! I like to shop at Pottery Barn for lovely furniture!!
Anonymous said…
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