Valentines Day Parties

Anna and her friend had
lots of fun dressing up
and putting on a show for

My son the clown!

Making bags and passing out Valentines.

Anna decorating her crafts.

My little sweetie heart.
I am so glad that I am able to help in my kids classes each week. I get to be the home room Mom and help plan the Holiday Parties. It was a little tricky since this time, the Valentines Day parties were at the exact same time. There were allot of Moms that jumped in and helped me out! I had to post some of the pictures of the kids with there treats and Valentines. It was such a fun afternoon for all of us! Now we have a 4 day weekend to relax and have some family time. One of the Moms made the best sugar cookies and decorated them like conversation hearts. I am still waiting for the recipe. They were amazing.


Super cute kids!

That same thing happens to me...2 parties at the same time. But still oh so fun even going back and forth.

You will have to share that recipe when you get it!

Happy Heart's Day!

Thank you for the cookbook!!!!

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