Christmas is almost here....

It has been a fun month for all of us. We always head out the weekend of Thanksgiving to get our tree. This year we went to a u-cut tree farm about 15 minutes from us. The kids fell in love with "Shaggy" our tree. It is a pine tree but has soft needles. It wasn't my choice this year so that is all I can say about our tree.... We also went to a Polar Express party at Barnes and Noble. The kids heard the story, had hot chocolate and cookies. Anna had a birthday party sleepover with friends from her school. The theme was pet parade. It was so cute seeing the kids and there beloved stuffed animals. We have had friends come and visit from out of town this past weekend. We had so much fun catching up that I didn't get any pictures. Christmas is right around the corner. I have done some baking and caramel making, the presents are wrapped and the house decorated. We can't wait for Christmas. Merry Christmas!


Ellyn said…
I know I looked at this post when you first put it up, but I just took a look again and I can't get over Jonathan's hair! I've never seen it that long before...but I do think young boys are cute with longer hair!! Mark is probably wishing he could grow his out..haha!

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