Ina's Stuffed Mushrooms

I have been really slacking in my Barefoot Bloggers group. I am always really excited to see what recipes we  are going to make and then never get around to making them. This month I vowed to make at least one of the recipes. I lucked out and the recipe was perfect for Christmas Dinner. These really were divine. Michelle of Welcome to the Club chose stuffed mushrooms. I did have a little extra stuffing leftover but added it to the pan to cook. My daughter loved the stuffed but didn't want the mushroom. Thiswas another great recipe by Ina. In my hustling and bustling I never got around to taking a picture. You can check out what other bloggers did here.


Me! said…
I tossed the leftover stuffing with some pasta and it made a tasty meal!
Leslie said…
I've been such a slacker too! I've been averaging one recipe a month and this month was the bread pudding. Glad these were a hit...I'll have to make them soon!
Jeni said…
I LOVE stuffed long as there is no seafood in them. I am wondering about that $50 soup you made!?!?! I hope it was just dreamy for Mark...he is funny.

Happy New Year's Susy!!!

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