Dimply Plum Cake

This week for TWD we made Dimply Plum cake chosen by Michelle of Bake-en. I wasn't sure about the texture of the cake. I thought it would turn out like a Kuchen but instead it was a denser crumb almost like a coffee cake and sugar cookie combined. I made it in 3 individual pans. I cut up plums for the first two and peaches for the third. I had to reduce the baking time by 15 minutes.
We had friends over for dinner and they helped us eat it. I made maple whipped cream to serve on the top of each one. We were all so full from dinner that I quartered each piece. 3 out of 4 of us loved it but my husband didn't like the orange zest. I thought that it added a little extra something to the batter. I would make this again but serve it warm instead of room temp. This is a recipe I would normally skip. I have never been a huge plum tart fan but it was good. And change is always good! If you want to try something a little different then....maybe it is the recipe for you. I agree that it doesn't do well the next day. I threw the rest away this morning. It doesn't keep at all.
Thanks Michelle for choosing a unique recipe. When is anyone going to choose the Perfect Party Cake recipe? I am dying to make it! It looks so good with the layers of butter cream and raspberry jam.
P.S. I baked the cookies from last weeks recipe on Saturday night. They were so good! I loved them best warm out of the oven with a tall glass of cold milk. I can see why people were RAVING about these cookies. It was like eating melted chocolate with a tiny bit of flour to hold it together.


Engineer Baker said…
I love the little cakes - did you have a preference for peaches or plums? And the maple whipped cream sounds like it would be wonderful with this.
Ellyn said…
Woohoo, Susy! Ahead of the game this week :). I bought plums, but am really going to try to scale this recipe back, especially after reading on your post that it doesn't keep well. Don't think Dan will like, so I need a single serving size! Glad you liked the cookies from last week as well, I thought they were great!
You are quite the cook girl! I wish we were neighbors!!! Hey, how was the marathon? Are you feeling good? Hope so! Thanks for your sweet comment. Glad you like the blog! They're so fun to do, aren't they? Very addictive!!! Happy Monday~ Les
PheMom said…
I love the idea of serving it with the maple whip cream.
HoneyB said…
Maple whipped cream - something I've never thought of! Great job!
Lori said…
MAPLE whipped cream.....oh, that's just so perfect with this. I'll have to make some!
These are pretty but seem a bit hard for me. I am thinking of those cookies still from last week.
Annette said…
Maple whip cream - yum! Serving it warm is a great idea too. I'm going to try that tomorrow. Hopefully, mine will taste okay the second day.
Barbara said…
Serving warm sounds like a great idea!
Jaime said…
your cake looks great. i was in the minority who did not like this cake

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