Apple Turnovers

The bonus recipe this month was chosen by Anne of Anne Strawberry . It was Apple Turnovers. I was supposed to make these by mid September but it didn't really feel like Fall to me at that time. Today is Johnny Appleseed Day and thought this would be a great recipe to make in honor of that . I had great intentions of making these for my kids teachers but forgot to get the puff pastry out of the freezer this morning. I made them after school instead and shared with my neighbors. They were delicious. I drizzled some icing over the top and enjoyed hot out of the oven. I did add dried cranberries instead of the dried cherries. I also doubled the recipe this time so it would make enough to share.
A couple weeks ago my neighbor and I took our kids on an outing to the Apple orchard to pick apples from the tree. Breezy Acres Fruit Farm had so much to offer. The kids had fun picking apples off the trees and we ended up with over 1/2 a bushel of wonderful crisp Gala apples. The farm not only had apples and fresh pressed cider but also plums, peaches, pears, berries, grapes tomatoes and cucumbers. We have been enjoying all the goodies that we bought. We still have enough apples left to make Apple Caramel Cake (companies coming for dinner on Saturday) and Jeni's Upside down Apple Cake. These apples are amazing and incredibly crisp. I can't wait to go back and try some of there other 20 varieties of apples they grow.


Ellyn said…
I'm so jealous that you have an apple orchard near by! That was one of my favorite things to do in the Fall. I'm going to have to see if there are any around here! Glad you enjoyed the turnovers, I thought they were great as well, so good in fact...I didn't get a picture and therefore haven't posted about them yet!!
I also forgot to get a photo. Mark ate the last one with whipped cream for dessert. They tasted better then German Apple Strudel. We have so many great farms around us.
I am so going to try the turnovers. I have never made them before...sounds elegant. Your kids look so cute in those pictures. My kids looked and looked at these pics...we still miss you guys! Your new neighbors are SO lucky. I bet those people at the orchard get to know you over the next few years.
Sarah said…
Your pictures of the kids are too cute! I'm looking forward to our first adventure apple picking here...not sure when it will be yet. We went peach picking when my mom was here YUMMY!! =) Miss you guys! =)

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