AF Marathon

Thanks for all of the well wishes for my marathan. It was an experience I will never forget. I had the best day today running in the marathon. I had set a goal of trying to get my run down to 4 hours. I missed it by 2 minutes but had a great time doing it. I met a great gal that ran with me for over 20 miles. We had fun out there which is what I enjoyed the most. The first sets of hills I floated over. I had so much adrenaline and excitement for this day. We started at 7:30 and the temp was great. By the time I was done it was really starting to warm up. I saw some ambulances go out to help people. I prayed God with give me strength to get through the toughs spots and He did! I never really hit a wall this time. The last 4 miles were tough and I took 3 walking breaks to get up 2 sets of hills. During one of my walking moments I spotted my hubby and kids. They were holding signs and jumping up and down. Adorable! My husband told me to get running again. It gave me the strength I need to get through my last mile. I was a little disappointed when I looked down at my Garmin and it said that had run 26.2 but was not at the finish. My watch calculated the route being at 26.46, A little more then normal. Airplanes were flying overhead and it was awesome. People ran for a million reasons. It was neat reading what people had put on there shirts. The volunteers/fans were so nice and helpful. I loved having my name on my shirt and people giving encouragements I ran by! My pace leader was fun to talk too. He has run over 100 Ultra marathons!!! He was quite inspiring. I was reading a guys shirt that said, " Pain is Gods way of letting us know we are still alive." How true that is! I am sad that it is now over. I was so excited and nervous about it for such a long time. I will just have to train for another one and break 4 hours then,


YEA!!! You are alive and blogging! Now how in the heck were you able to chit chat with all those people while running a marathon? Hills...yuck! I am glad it was nice weather and you enjoyed your big day. Are you sore yet? Just a reminder to take a few days off...I know you.
Laura said…
GOOD JOB!!! Way to go! I know you are so excited to have another marathon under your belt! Neil's sister ran it as well! (she lives in Cincinnati)
I would love to finish one..but not run one :)
Jenn said…
You are awesome! Good job! Now go eat those cookies!! You deserve it.
Steffany said…
Your pace leader her run over 100 ultramarathons? Oh, that is utterly mind-boggling. It's quite astonishing to see glimpses of what these frail human bodies are capable of, isn't it? You're certainly an example of that for me, you cute little mama. Great job on the marathon--I'm so proud of you, Susy!!!
Sarah said…
Awesome Job SUSY!!! You have such a precious little family to cheer you on! =) So proud of you for finishing ANOTHER marathon! You're amazing!! Thanks for sharing your journey with us =)

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