Chocolate and more chocolate..

The good life!

Chocolate goodness
My helper testing the melted
This week for TWD Claudia of Fool For Food chose Chocolate Chunkers. These were a very chocolate filled cookie. I halved the recipe and froze the dough until next week. I am on my taper for the marathon this week and am avoiding extra sugar and sweets.
This is dough is mainly melted chocolate, chocolate chips, more chocolate and nuts. My daughter helped me make them. We added the peanuts, skor chips and melted dagoba dark chocolate. I omitted the raisins in the cookie. After Anna tried the batter she decided there was too much chocolate in them. My kids must take after there Dad because I have never tasted anything with too much chocolate before. I can't wait until next week to try these cookies.
We had severe wind storms on Sunday and the schools have been without power for the week. That means no school for the kiddos. I am hoping that life will be back to normal in the morning.


Engineer Baker said…
Wow - so much willpower to make these and not have any! I've been using my half marathon training as an excuse to eat a lot more goodies than I would normally :) Good luck in the marathon!
Sarah said…
They sound YUMMY!! I can't wait to see pictures when you make them =) Can't wait to hear about your marathon...and see pictures! =) GOOOO SUSY!! =)
Jules Someone said…
Whew! Hope things get back to normal soon!
Claudia said…
Good luck with the marathon! And always think of the gratification cookie after the run.
How in the heck did you make these and not eat them!!! You are GOOD! I am so excited for your marathon. I will be thinking of you the whole time.

Yeah...too much chocolate? Maybe they are getting sick.

Glad those storms didn't get your new house!
Pamela said…
Hope the power comes back on soon at school and that things are back to normal for you. I think you are going to enjoy these rich little cookies!!
Tammy said…
I agree - no such thing as too much chocolate!! Cute tasters!
Annette said…
Your restraint is impressive! These are definitely worth the wait. Good luck on your marathon! My husband runs marathons. I stand at the finish line cheering.

I'm glad you liked the pizza dough recipe. Using whole wheat flour is a great idea. :)
Ellyn said…
I'll be thinking about you this weekend :)! You are so amazing to be running your what your 3rd or 4th marathon?! Good luck, I know you'll do great!
Barbara said…
Best wishes for the marathon! These will be worth waiting for -- they are indeed very chocolate-y. As some other folks have said, they're grown-up cookies!

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