Tip Junkie Question

I found a really fun blog through my friend Jeni of At Home in Georgia. It is called Tip Junkie http://tipjunkie.blogspot.com/ For Talk To Me Tuesday this week, the question asked was, "Who or What was your inspiration to start blogging?"
My friend Ellyn started it. She started an awesome blog about recipes and cooking. Her and her husband are both great cooks. I started checking it everyday. We were neighbors over 3 years ago. We were really good friends that shared allot of the same interests: cooking, BAKING, running, attending the same church...
Then Jeni got the bug and started a blog about cooking, scrapbooking, cards and decorating her first beautiful home. Jeni is the craftiest person that I know. Our kids are the same age and we could get together in Germany to make cards. She taught me so many things from embossing to stitchery.
When we moved back to the States this summer I decided I wanted to start one too. I discovered some fun blog groups to join! I loved reading about how my friends were doing and getting ideas for dinner or decorating from them. I also love seeing all of the pictures of there kids. They offer encouragement and fresh ideas on how to scrapbook, create cards, or recipes. It sounds silly but it has made my move to a new place so much easier. I have friends that I can catch up with through there blogs when I am missing them. It is so fun and I have enjoyed it so much!


Whoever thought this blog thing is a genius. I 2nd your last paragraph!
Ellyn said…
Ah, Susy, you are so sweet! I'm glad you started a blog as well so we can keep up! Hope to see you in a couple of months :)!!!
Sarah said…
You and Ellyn (and a few other friends) were my inspirations for starting our blog! I really enjoy doing it too...thank you! =) I LOVE peeking into the lives of my friends and being able to keep up this way.
Those cookies Ellyn posted are from the cookbook you and Jenn got for me that last birthday before you both moved...so you weren't there that Fall when I made them...just shouldn't have moved away from us =) Miss you!!

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