Paris and why I love it!

I received the movie Julie and Julia for Christmas. I really love this movie! It has so many of my favorite things in it; cooking and Paris too name a few. After watching the movie and discussing it with Mark, I decided to pull out my Ina Garten Barefoot in Paris Cookbook and make the Boeuf Bourguignon. I have got to admit I didn't know how good it was going to be. An entire bottle of red wine seems like an awful lot to someone that will drink half a glass and be done.... This was AMAZING! The best part was that it tastes even better the next day as leftovers. We had this along with a Arugula Salad and crusty sourdough bread. YUM! YUM! This got me started on a French kick. I love Paris. We celebrated our 10 year anniversary there. I had to find more recipes to try. I then made the steaks with Bernaise sauce for Anna's birthday. This was absolutely decadent. Whipped egg yolks and lots of melted butter come together in a wonderful sauce that is almost the consistancy of homemade mayonnaise. I know that I need to cook French food in moderation or neither of us will be able to fit into our clothes : -) ! But we are having fun enjoying some new recipes and a completely foreign cuisine.


Jeni said…
I LOVE Paris and you too Susy! It was such a needed fun phone call the other day!!! Renting that movie is at the top of my list.
Steffany said…
Here's the post I was waiting for! Loved it. Thanks, Susy. :-)

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