Tuesday is the new Thursday for me....

I am supposed to post for Barefoot Bloggers on Thursdays but for some reason I can't seem to get it together and make it on time. I have decided that Tuesday will be my new Thursday that way I am always ahead instead of behind....  Todd of A Cooking Dad has chosen Indonesian Ginger Chicken. This is the kind of recipe that 75% of my family will eat. All I needed to do was add some brown rice and a fresh salad and dinner was served. I enjoyed the flavours of the ginger, soy, garlic and honey. I also used a little brown sugar in my marinade. My husband and I both love spicey food. We always have chili oil made ahead of time to add to our food. It was a definite "must" for this dish. I would say that this recipe is a keeper. How can you go wrong on a 5 ingrediant meal? I chose to use thighs since it was the only chicken that I had in the freezer with the bone in it. I will go for the white meat next time. I would also add some gingered carrots from Trader Joes for some extra vegies. Thanks Todd for the great choice!


Jeni said…
So just setting your clock a little early...good idea :-)

This looks YUMMY. Chili oil...I have never heard of it but I like spicy! Will you share that recipe.

I have been using my PW cookbook. Her style is what I like.
Me! said…
I thought these were great with the dark meat. Maybe because I overcooked the white meat a bit but the dark meat was nice and juicy.

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