My little helper!

Anna has decided that she really likes to help me in the kitchen. For her birthday a friend gave her a Williams Sonoma cookbook. She has spent a lot of time pouring over the recipes and deciding what she wants to make. This weekend we had friends over for dinner. I made Pioneer Womens Pot Roast. This was such an amazing recipe. I have made a few pot roasts in the last 12 years and this one topped all of them. I think it might be caramelizing the veggies and cooking at such a low temp for such a long time. If you haven't it then I would highly recommend this recipe! I served it with PW's spinach salad, roasted green beans, cheesey bread and salty caramel brownies with ice-cream and espresso.


Jeni said…
You and Anna look so pretty together. I love that smile she has.

I have made that pot roast...LOVE it!

Thanks for ever telling me about that cookbook!
Susie said…
PW 's pot roast tops our list of favorites, too! It's so easy and makes our home smell so good! I lve that apron that Jill made... I can't wait fir m sewing machine to get repaired!
mmm... I want some of those salty caramel brownies:)

I am glad she likes cooking with you! Such a bond!
Steffany said…
I just can't believe how tall Anna is...when I first saw the picture, I thought, "What is she standing on?" Nope. She's going to be taller than you in no time, Susy! So crazy, how time flies. Love you guys!

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