Camping this summer

We went along with some friends on a camping trip this past week. I have never taken the kids camping by myself before. We tagged along with a few families and there kids. The kids had a blast riding bikes, hiking the trails and just playing for hours on end with each other. We did have a few problems once bedtime hit. We didn't know we had to hide the coolers or raccoons would get into them. We figured if they were locked that was good enough. Wrong! We woke up to raccoons eating all the food from the coolers. They had a good time throwing eggs, eating all of our meat and drinking Capri Suns. There were a couple skunks that decided to come and check out our campground. They ended up camping under the car for the night. I am really glad that we didn't get sprayed! It would have made the night a whole lot worse. Besides the huge spiders in the shower and bathroom, the raccoons eating all our food and skunks spending the night, the kids said they had a great time!


Susie said…
oh no! That's terrible, I'm so sorry that happened to you guys! Well, it's all an adventure, right? LOVE the owls on your blog header, I have't been here for awhile!
Steffany said…
That's hilarious about the raccoons! And awesome about you and the kids camping. You're fabulous. :-)
Sarah said…
I'm sure Mark is so proud that you took the kids camping by yourself =) Miss you guys!

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