Lazy Sunday afternoon

We headed to the park with some friends last weekend. It was such a pretty place to visit on a Sunday afternoon. We visited the ButterFly house and checked out some of the trails. It was such a warm day we that we had to go and visit Ritas on the way home. I am now ready for Fall! School has started and we are settling into a nice routine with school and soccer.


Susie said…
I was thinking about you during my run today, thanking God that He put new running friends into your life as (some of) your AF friends moved. I miss your smile, friend. So glad you get to share it with so many more people.
Steffany said…
Aaaaaggggghhhh! Now I want a Rita's! The Misto is my favorite drink that I made up in my head years ago and can never find. Next time I visit Ohio....

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