So many blessings....

There have been so many wonderful things to report over the last few months. The first and most important is that Mark returned home from his deployment. It was a long 7 months and we missed him like crazy but reunions are wonderful. So are post deployment vacations. We have wonderful friends that kept our kids for a week while Mark and I took a vacation to Jamaica. Pure bliss! We barely left the resort. There was so many things to do there. Mark even got to go on 5 scuba dives. I think it was one of his favorites things. The weather was allot warmer then in Ohio but neither of us came back with any tan. We did enjoy delectable meals from the many 5 star restaurants on the 2 Sandals resorts. We tried to stay active and took advantage of the nice gym there. I discovered this drink called the "Hummingbird". It was so good and I indulged on several. We can't wait to go back someday in the future. We have had some company this month as well. We had some good friends come and visit for a day. It is always special to meet up with friends that we were previously stationed with. I love how God brings people back into our lives!
My sister and her family came for a visit last week. It was fun catching up with them and spending time with my niece's. Anna loved being a little "mommy" to the girls. Jonathan started coming down with something a few days before Christmas. He was in bed most of Christmas. Poor kid had strep throat but is getting better with antibiotics. The rest of us had a touch of something as well.  We are anticipating Anna's birthday on the 31st. Can't believe my baby is going to be 9~ Hope everyone has a Happy and healthy New Year!


Susie said…
Jamaica! How wonderful for the two of you! Happy Birthday to Anna- hope she enjoys her special day :)
Jeni said…
How many hats does that pretty birthday girl have? I got your Christmas card today...BEAUTIFUL! I can just imagine how thankful you are to have Mark home.

Happy Birthday to Anna!
Happy New Year to you all!

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