Helping Dad with projects

The helper
Mark decided to put in a new floor in our laundry room. He has been talking about it for awhile but finally decided to get started on it last weekend. I came home Saturday morning from a run and found the two of them diligently working on the floor. I had to snap a few pictures of this darling little helper! I love the finished project.  I had a hard time not being able to do laundry for a week and living with the washer and dryer in the kitchen. I am now caught back up on laundry and enjoying our beautiful new floor. Mark is talking about doing the bathrooms next. I wonder how it will go with 4 of us sharing 1 bathroom for a week?

our new slate floor


Nicole said…
Oh, I love the new floor. Good luck with only having the one bathroom for a while, but I'm sure it will be worth it after it's completed.
Steffany said…
I came to find your Mexican Meatball Chili recipe and found THIS! It's lovely. Not just the slate floor, either--your sweet family, too. Love you all very much!
Jeni said…
I wonder if Mark is done with the bathroom by this time. So when you can why don't you all come with all of Mark's talents to help us with our house in California :-) WOW-your new floor looks very very nice...Enjoy. Oh and that little blonde helper is a cutie.

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