French Pear Tart

This is a New Year with many resolutions for me. I am happy to say I started off the week with making this tart. I am glad I pushed myself to make it since I am not very fond of tarts or so I thought. This was the most amazing dessert. The crust, almond cream and pears together were so awesome! The only change that I made was to add more chopped almonds and caramel to the top! We all ate this and my husband even had seconds. It was so simple yet the flavours were wonderful together. Now I understand why people are RAVING over this recipe! Tuesdays with Dorie has been a fun group to join. I have had some failures but also some successes. I have made many things that I would normally skip in a cookbook. Dorie herself chose this week's recipe; check out her blog for the recipe and more tips on how to add variations to this recipe.


Pamela said…
You're right, everyone is RAVING about this one. I know I will be trying it soon. I think the addition of caramel was brilliant!
chocolatechic said…
Wonderful tart.

it was fabulous.
Anonymous said…
Your tart looks great! I loved this recipe.
Sarah said…
I agree, your tart looks beautiful!!
I love pretty food. The pear sound so yummy.
Ellyn said…
I'm glad you decided to make it! Dan had seconds as well :)! Yours looks so pretty, my pears were all over the place.

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