Soup and good company

I have been very excited to try the Barefoot Bloggers recipe this week. This soup is something both myself and husband love. It brings back memories of the food we ate in Tuscany last year. It is a very satisfying, thick soup called Pappa Al Pomidoro. Natalie of Burned Bits chose this recipe and it can be found in the new Back to Basics cookbook on page 68.
My in-laws came for a week long visit and this is what I made for them. They really enjoyed it as well. We finished off most of the pot at one meal : ) I made chicken Parmesan meatballs to go along with the soup and added a crisp salad. I also wanted a little more garlic and roasted a head of garlic to add to the soup if people chose too. The topping was a mixture of croutons, basil, bacon (pancetta)and Parmesan cheese. It was perfection the way that Ina added the topping to this soup. It makes all the diffence to me! This is one of my new favorites and will be made again and again in our house! Thanks Natalie!


OOO what a pretty bowl of soup! Those croutons look so yummy and picture perfect. Bet your inlaws were impressed that's for sure.
Debinhawaii said…
I really loved this recipe too and wanted to keep eating the topping on its own--it did really make the soup! Love the idea of the extra garlic--you can never have too much garlic. ;-)
Anonymous said…
I loved this recipe as well. The topping added just the right textural interest.

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