Coq Au Vin with Barefoot Bloggers

This weekend I decided to try to make the Barefoot Contessa recipe for Coq Au Vin. This dish is a cross between a rich stew and thicker soup. I have made this once before years ago and remember enjoying it. This time was a different experience for me. I made it for our neighborhood progressive dinner. I thought it would be a great cold winters night dish and would stay warm until dinner time. My problem was with the color of the chicken. I took the skin off the chicken in the end and all of my chicken turned deep purple. I don't remember that happening last time. I was really embarrassed with the color of the meat. We kept the lights dim for our dinner on Saturday night. I made the roasted pear and blue cheese salad (also from the new cookbook) to go along with it. I loved the salad but the soup was just ok. My husband was the only one that really enjoyed this dish and had seconds. I won't be trying my hand at this again. Coq Au Vin was chosen by Bethany of this little piggy went to market and can be found in Back to Basics on page 116. I can't wait to read about everyone else's experience! The only change that I made was to omit the pearl onions and add some roasted onions at the end. There were several people that don't like onions at the party.


Anonymous said…
A couple bits of my chicken turned a little purplish-red from the red wine. I enjoyed the coq au vin, but my husband said that it wasn't his favorite dinner ever.
Natashya said…
There seemed to be a general consensus that this wasn't Ina's best dish. Oh well, she can't be perfect, I guess.
The salad does sound good, happy holidays!
chocolatechic said…
OH....I just loved this recipe.

It was fabulous.

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