Sewing fun

I received a sewing machine for my birthday. I made my first purse today with some girlfriends. We had such a good morning sewing and enjoying one anothers company. I was inspired to try and make Anna a skirt. Jeni and Jill are always whipping up something new. This was my first try at sewing Anna an article of clothing.  It is a cute polka dotted corduroy skirt. It looks a little like a tent on but I am learning from my mistakes. This is a whole new adventure for me! I can't wait to try some more sewing projects


Jeni said…
Susy!!! Those came out so good. What beautful fabrics you picked out! And I love how you put a pocket on the purse too and that button. Man I wish I could come over and play with you and make tons of stuff.
Ellyn said…
Those look great, Susy! I was going to say before reading your post that you must be getting inspiration from Jeni....I don't even know her and I enjoy looking at her blog to see what she's come up with lately! Just wish I had a mantle in the house to do the words in a frame like she does. Hope you are doing well :)! I need to get on some sewing projects myself for Ally and her room!! 5 weeks and counting :).
Susie said…
Susy! I love this purse when you were wearing it yesterday but I was so distracted I didn't even get a chance to tell you! it's ADORABLE- good job, crafty mama!
Sarah said…
Susy! ANOTHER talent! Where do you find time to be so good at so many things??!! They both turned out really cute!

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