New York New York

I have always wanted to visit New York. There is something about being in a big city when it is so very different from normal life in Ohio. We had the opportunity to visit this past weekend. My Mom kept our kids and we had a long weekend in the Big Apple! What an adventure we had.  My favorite part of the trip was getting to see a live taping of Saturday Night Live! We have a friend that works for the show and got us tickets. It was such a fun evening for Mark and I! The best part beside being in a live audience was having Tyler Florence sitting behind me! I didn't get an autograph since he snuck out at the end. We ater at the best restaurants. Mark and I both agreed that Carmines was our favorite. We found the Serendipity Cafe but there was over 50 people waiting to get into the tiny store for frozen hot chocolate. We decided to pass and hop on over to Dylans Candy Bar. This would have been Jonathan and Annas favorite store ever. Mark enjoyed visiting the Financial District and seeing Wall street. I loved walking around Manhatten and all of the different districts. We also got to go running in Central Park!  It was neat getting to see the Statue of Liberty and visiting the Empire State building. Our only regret was we didn't make it to Ground Zero or see a Broadway show. I guess we will just have to go back at some point! This was a great trip with lots of good food and fun sites to see.


Jeni said…
Holy cow! That is the best dream date in the world. You guys are so lucky!!! My goodness did you get around. I would love to go to some of those places.
Susie said…
I agree- best dream date together! So glad you all were able to get away an d enjoy the experience sans kids :) Fun, fun!
Sarah said…
Hey Susy! I'm soooooo bummed that we weren't able to make it to NYC to see you guys. I was going to call, but I guess I didn't have your cell phone #...I'll give you a call this week. I'm glad you had a fun trip, and hopefully next time we can come and meet up with you! =)

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