Barefoot Bloggers Corn Chowder

 Jill from My Next Life chose Ina's Cheddar Corn Chowder for our Barefoot Bloggers group. This was a great week to make this recipe. It has started to turn cold and a hot bowl of thick chowder is perfect for a busy school night. I did end up halving the recipe and still had leftovers to freeze for husbands lunch. My daughter decided that is was delicious and ate all of her helping! I did leave off the bacon and didn't add extra cheese like I normally would. I served this with hot popovers. I can't get enough of popovers and moms apple butter right now! Thanks Jill for the great choice and we will be making this throughout the winter.


Me! said…
looks great! though i would never leave the bacon out. i cut back some of the other fat but not the bacon. i like bacon.

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