Neighborhood Halloween Party

We had a Halloween Neighborhood party on Friday night. It was such a fun time with our friends. My neighbor Donna co-hosted with me. She really knows how to throw a spooky party. We had lots of food and a great time visiting with friends. It was also the debut of our almost finished basement. It can't believe how quiet it is when you have a basement for kids to play in. We got so busy during the party that I didn't take nearly the pictures that I wanted too. I didn't even get any of my own kids. Luckily they get to wear there costumes again for a birthday party and then trick or treating tonight.


Thanks Susy. you and Donna did a great job with all the food and decorations and treats!!
Jeni said…
Now that was a monster bash...look at all that. I would have LOVED to come and enjoy that. You sure know how to celebrate a spooky night!
Susie said…
OOh, so spooky! Your decorations look fantastic, I see the jars of candy in the background, perfect touches here and there, Susy!

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