My good friend and her darling baby!

I had the pleasure of getting to meet up with Ellyn and her adorable baby Ally for lunch in Indianna on Wednesday. I got to visit with her last summer in Colorado when she was pregnant but this was my first time meeting her baby! I left as soon as the kids went to school and made it back by there pick up time {almost}. Ellyn and I met in Montana over 7 years ago and became fast friends. It was such a special time getting to catch up with her and hold her little darling. Ally is quite the cutie and so sweet! She is 6 months and at the smiley/happy stage. I got so many toothless grins and she has the cutest bald head ever!  I really wanted to take her home with me.. Thanks Ellyn for driving to meet me half way! I hope you get stationed a little closer then Wy next time around.


Ellyn said…
Aww! Thanks for coming to meet us half way!! Sorry it only took us 8 weeks of being in IN to get something organized (and that our visit was so short). I do hope we are stationed closer together next time!! Hope you are having a great Mother's Day!
Sarah said…
Such sweet pictures! =) I'm glad you guys had the opportunity to get together! =) ...being "from" Ohio doesn't do me much good if I never get back there, huh?! =) miss you both! =)

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