The many adventures of summer on a farm.

We just got home from a two week vacation to Oregon and Wa. We go home every summer to visit our families. It is definitely one of the hard things about being so far away from "home". Our kids don't get to spend a lot of time with there grandparents. The kids had an especially good time this year.
Anna loves helping in the garden, gathering eggs, riding the neighbors horse and feeding the sheep at my parents small farm. It is so fun seeing her having so much fun with her baby cousins and soaking up time with my parents. They even took the kids camping and on a fishing trip.
At the other grandparents house they played with cousins, picked blueberries from some of there many bushes, rode the four wheelers and played in the woods. Marks parents live on a wooded lot and it is great for building forts or just having adventures with the cousins that are all the same age.
Oregon Coast

The cousins at the beach

Farmer Anna gathering eggs

Mark got to borrow Papas jeep for some adventures.

Jonathan and his cousin Sawyer. They became wrestling buddies!

feeding the sheep

My sweet sister met us at the airport for our last "goodbye"!

Anna and Addy 2 peas in a pod!

Grandpa with his two oldest grandkids.

Anna and our precious Calvin

Celebrating Steff's birthday. Check out her beautiful kitchen.

Dinner with Papa and Grammy.

Cowgirl Anna

Family time

Anna and Calvin

My darling niece Laura!

The cousins!
It would be great to live closer to our family and maybe one day it will happen. I am so thankful that we can go home to visit and pick right up where we left off last summer.


Susie said…
Looks like a fantastic trip home- it really is such a special time when you get to go home to visit!
Jeni said…
Wow what a fun summer trip. Your kids got to do some neat things. The kids are getting so big...I love Anna's hair. It's so long and those braids are too cute on her. Enjoy getting back into a school routine! I went running today and it made me think of you.
Anonymous said…
so glad you posted photos! it was so nice to see the faces behind all the names :)

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