Blueberry Sour Cream Ice-crem

I am a little late in posting my recipe for Tuesday. My TWD baking group recipe was chosen by Dolores of Chronicles in Culinary Curiosity. We made the Blueberry Sour cream Ice-cream. My ice-cream maker arrived out of storage just in time for the recipe. I LOVED this ice-cream. I wasn't sure how it would turn out with using sour cream in the recipe. My sister made Buttermilk Ice-cream before and said it tasted more like vinegar then anything else! I followed the directions exactly. I loved adding blueberries to the mixture. My husband and I ate the entire batch in a couple of days. It was the perfect balance of sweet and tangy. This is a keeper for sure! I would list this as one of the my new favorite ice-creams : ) I am still on vacation so no pictures of our ice-cream. I actually made it before we left because I was so excited about using my ice-cream maker.
Our vacation ends on Sunday and then we are back to the real world. It has been a fun couple of weeks visiting family and friends. It is really nice being back in the NW. We have had some crazy hot days lately. It is supposed to be 103 today so we are off the the water park!


Ellyn said…
I didn't realize you were still on vacation...what a nice long break! I'll have to try this recipe when I get a chance as from what I've read everyone in the group seemed to like it! Enjoy the rest of your time with the family! It's 56 degrees and rainy here today...yay, Fall!!
Dolores said…
I'm so glad you enjoyed this week's selection. Treasure the remainder of your vacation. :)
Steffany said…
Where's the recipe? :) I'm dying to make this!
Cynikell said…
I really liked the sour cream influence, too!

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