My fun race!

I am currently in Or. visiting the family. This is the first access I have had to a computer for over a week. My sister, brother in law and I had so much fun in our relay race over the weekend. We were up for 36 hours and ran 217 miles among 12 runners. It was such an amazing bonding experience with my sister. My favorite run was the 7.2 midnight run. I had a head lamp and ran by myself in the night. The van was ahead of me and would stop to give water and encouragement every few miles. It was AMAZING! The run was hilly and I am so glad it was dark so I couldn't see the hills. I met lots of people and found a friend on my 8.8 mile leg to share water and stories with! We ran in cinders, gravel, trails, along lakes and rivers. I loved it so much. The only thing that would have made it better was if my husband ran with us. He was taking care of our kids at his parents house. I am currently in the process of making my TWD Black and white banana bread. My mom had all the ingredients for it. I will be posting later about how it turned out. We are off to the fair. My parents have a wonderful garden and are entering tons of vegetables and fruit this year. Our kids are doing some projects themselves. They have been working on making vegetable animals. It is so fun to see them enjoying life in the country...


That run at night does sound fun. Cooler air and I like running and walking in the dark...I can go farthur. Glad you are having fun. MMM fresh veggies sound good. Have fun and good luch at the fair.
Ellyn said…
I'm so glad you are enjoying your time back in OR. I didn't realize Mark was going with fun! Now that you are back state side you'll be able to enjoy many more visits back home! Glad you get to enjoy the fair :)!

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