Traditional Madeleines and more..

I missed this weeks granola grabbers recipe from TWD. Our movers came that day to unload our stuff and it was a bit crazy at our house, but I did find time to make these amazing cookies on Wednesday. I found the Madeleine pan on vacation in France last year. I have made this recipe from Baking several times. This recipe was a completed recipe from before I joined the club : ) I love these simple yet Delicious cookies. I did cook them a bit to long so they were a little dryer then usual.

We are settling int our new house and slowly getting everything put into place. We did have a bunch of broken and damaged items. I think it happens in every move but worse when coming from Overseas. The kids start school on Tuesday so that will give me more free time to get stuff done. We did make a trip to Pottery Barn Outlet last night and picked up some new furniture for Anna's room. How can you beat 70% off of a dresser bringing the total to $169!?! It is a huge dresser and looks so cute in her room. I am so excited to start working on my scrapbooks and cards again. My order from CTMH arrived. I love my new clearance stamps!
My running is going well! I am right on schedule for the marathon next month. I get nervous when I think I only have a month left but feel prepared with the long runs that I have been doing.

I am trying a new recipe for Applesauce cake from my friend Jeni's blog http://www.athomeingeorgia.blogspot/ She always has wonderful recipes and decorating/scrap booking tips and ideas. I can't wait to taste it. Enjoy your weekend.


I have never heard of Madeleins before but they are sure pretty. I know you must be having fun putting your new house together. $169 for a pottery barn dresser...wish I had that outlet near me. After you use your new stamps you will have to make sure you share you new ideas. Have fun with everything!

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