TWD Chocolate Banded Ice-Cream Torte

I have not been able to post all week. My husband went out of town taking our laptop with him. I didn't realize how much I depend on the computer for blogging, emails and shopping : ) I made the TWD recipe for Chocolate Banded Ice-cream Torte. Amy from came up with this selection. It was a good choice and a change from allot of the other recipes that we have been making. I followed the recipe using strawberries in my puree. I now have a working food processor so it was easy mixing the strawberries and vanilla ice-cream together. I scaled down the recipe to 1/4 since it was just me and the kids this week. I used mini cheese cake pans and they turned out so cute. I loved the truffle layers. That was my favorite part of the recipe. I have never used raw eggs in melted chocolate before. I didn't know what to expect but it turned out great. I loved how pretty the layers of ice-cream and chocolate. I can think of so many different combinations that this would be great with. Chocolate and caramel swirled into the ice-cream or Chocolates with a raspberries layer and then vanilla ice-cream! Yum! I probably would be care full who I served this too since it had 8 raw eggs in the truffle mixture. It was a great recipe and wonderful on a hot day!


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