Summer Fruit Galette

The last of my supply of chocolate. I am hoping to find some more on vacation!

Today was another TWD baking day for me. Michelle of Michelle in Colorado Springs chose the recipe Summer Fruit Galette. I was a little scared of making this recipe because I have never free formed a pie before. The picture in the book looked so nice. I was scared that all of my filling would ooze out the sides and onto the pan. That is exactly what happened. I am so glad that I used a big
sheet pan and have oven linings. The filling went everywhere. When it was time to add the custard part, it did the same thing. I chose raspberry's for my filling along with some tri-berry jam for the bottom. I liked the flavour of the recipe but had a hard time executing how to get the filling to stay inside. I think I prefer a regular pie pan. We are going to be out of town for the next few weeks so I am skipping next weeks Black and White banana bread. It sounds amazing and I will be trying it at another time. I have always stuck to our Aunts banana bread. I am interested to see how this compares to hers. I just need to figure out how to make it look nice for next time :- ) I had it all ready to take a photo and when I turned around, my husband was eating it. We really liked the flavour combination. We had it right out of the oven with vanilla ice-cream. I liked how many different combinations of fruit you can use in this recipe. I am interested to see how others did with it.


Anonymous said…
I bet your galette was delicious ~ raspberries are awesome!
Ellyn said…
ah oh, now I'm a little nervous about mine! Maybe I'll put a foil "shell" around it if I notice it starts oozing?! I'm using nectarines, so probably not as juicy as the raspberries...we'll see!
Prudy said…
Sorry about the oozing galette. Your brownies look killer, just as you described them.
Madam Chow said…
Raspberries sound delicious in the galette. Mine oozed a bit, too, but we ate it so quickly it didn't matter!
Madam Chow
mmm raspberries. That stinks about that mess. Have fun on your trip. Lindt rules!!!
Dolores said…
I'm glad the flavors worked well for you, even if it oozed a bit. Enjoy your vacation, and we'll look forward to baking with you when you get back!

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