Summer recipes

I love summer. There is something to say about sunshine, long days, outdoor grilling and no school. It is also a great time to try recipes. My friend Alyssa makes the best lemonade cookies. She brought them over to our first get together and they have been a favorite of my kids ever since. She tweaked the recipe until they came out perfect. Here is her version of the summer cookies.

Lemonade Cookies 350 oven temp
1 cup butter
1 cup white sugar
3 1/2 Cups self rising flour
1 can frozen lemonade concentrate she uses regular or pink

2 Cups powdered sugar
1/6 cup lemonade concentrate
1/4 cup butter

Grease cookie sheet
Cream butter and 1 cup sugar, add flour. Gradually beat mix. Add 3/4 cup lemonade concentrate. Drop rounded tsp of cookie mix onto greased pan.
Bake 10-15 mintues until lightly browned.

Beat powdered sugar, lemonade and butter together to make the frosting. Wait until cookies have cooled to frost. May add lemon zest if desired. These made about 2-3 dozen cookies. They are so good with Strawberry lemonade.


Jeni said…
I love these too. My recipe is a bit different though....I don't have the icing part just the lemonade and plain sugar...this new way must be better. When I think of these cookies I think of Alyssa.
Ellyn said…
You've only had a blog just a few short days and you've already changed your layout! You must be getting the hang of this :).

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