First TWD Post

This is the first post for a baking group I joined called Tuesdays with Dorie. We are cooking our was through "Baking" by Dorie Greenspan. Amanda from chose the recipe this week. This week we are making Cherry Rhubarb Cobbler. I love crisps and cobblers. I have never tried this combination together so am excited to see how it turns out. I found fresh Rhubarb at the commissary and used frozen cherries. I did add 2 more TBS spoons of sugar to the fruit mixture. I had read other people didn't feel that it was sweet enough. I like my cobblers and crisps sweet! I also added 1 ts vanilla since I had forgotten to buy ginger. The dough was easy to work with. I found it interesting that we rolled the dough into balls before placing it on the cobbler. I have never done that before. I haven't got my food processor yet but used a my fingers like I do with biscuits. I didn't have the right size 8X 8 pan so used what I had. I sprinkled the top with some raw sugar and am looking forward to tasting next. It looked lovely before going into the oven. It came out perfectly browned and bubbly. I cooked it for 35 minutes. We will be enjoying this tonight with ice-cream. P.S I couldn't wait and tasted it now. It was so good right out of the oven. I do prefer a crisp topping more then the biscuit but this was a great summer-time dessert.


Ellyn said…
Looks yummy, Susy! I'm headed off to make mine right now...hopefully post about it in a couple of hours :)!
So you liked the rhubarb?!? My grandma always grew it and made pies, but for some reason...I am afraid of it. I am with you about a pie crust top. I am going to have to go check out the TwD blog for next week. Look at all the fun you are already having in your new house. It's almost 98 degrees here today and I made a huge pot of chili for dinner...crazy but everyone is excited for dinner.
Anonymous said…
Your cobbler looks great! Pitting the cherries about drove me crazy, LOL! Your blog is great :)

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