New at blogging

This is my first blog ever! I am so excited to share some of my favorite things: cooking and running. I can't decide which of the two I enjoy more. There is only one thing better then a runners high and that is trying out a new recipes for my family and friends. I discovered a Barefootbloggers website and really want to join. One of the requirements is to have your own blog so.... I am going to try this. We just moved to Ohio as of Monday. I went for my first run in our new State and found myself sweating before I even began. Any tips for surviving humidity? I will be posting recipes and more soon.


Yea Susy, Now this is funny I started yesterday and you today. I love it! Everyday Gourmet is YOU!!!!! I can't wait for the recipes to start flying in! You know one I am dying to try but haven't is the Banoffi pie. yum yum
Ellyn said…
You know I'll be looking for your recipes ALL the time! I am so glad you are back stateside now, the only thing better is if you were living across the street again so we could bake and cook together! Did you see my first BB post? Can't wait for you to join as well!
I love the pics you added to your makes me miss you guys even more! I checked out the other blog you have listed on your blog...she made the cornbread blog! I wish someone had a Paula Deen like the BB.
You should start a Paula Deen one! You are now living in the South :- ) I would definately do it with you.

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