Cooking in our new house

We are now moved into our darling house. We should have our things in about 3 weeks. It is fun "camping" in our house, at least the kids think it is. I decided that we have gone out to dinner enough and went to the Commisary for groceries. I joined Barefoot Bloggers and the recipe due date for Smoked Salmon Spread was nearing. It was chosen by Ashley of The Spicey Skillet. I made it this morning. The recipe is on I loved how it turned out. The only changes I made were by adding more dill and lemon. It needed a little more zing for us. We will be enjoying it tonight at our BBQ along with some great Kashi crackers I picked up.
In other news.. I did my long run on Thursday and it went great. I ran 13 and had no problems. It must take me a little while to get used the humidity. Thanks for the encouragment. I am now officially registered for the AF marathon. No backing out now. We are heading back to the NW next weekend. My sister and I are doing this race together It is an relay race that lasts 36 hours. Everyone runs 3 times for a total of 18 miles. I am so excited about it!!!
It is over 90 today. We are off to the pool to cool down. Enjoy your weekend.


Ellyn said…
Good for you that you already made next weeks Barefoot Blogger recipe...I'm having a hard time getting motivated to make it, as I'm a little hesitant about the salmon and whether we will like it or not...may just scale down the recipe...a lot! Have a great trip to see your family! What a nice way to spend your time while still waiting for your things to arrive!

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