Running in cirlces

I try to do my long runs on either Saturday or Sundays. This Saturday I woke up early at 6:00 to go out for my long run. I hit a running wall at around 10 miles. I don't know what happened besides the humidity and not bringing water with me. This was the first time I have done a long run in Ohio. My goal was to run 14-15 miles but had to give myself grace about just doing 10. I am finding running conditions quite different then what I am used too. I think next weeks long run will be lots better. I have been reading up on hydration and humidity since then. I am also planning on visiting a local running store close to our house to get info on trails and such. I have always had friends to run with. The last full marathon I did was 2 years ago. I had my friend Jeni run the my longest run of 20 miles with me. It was pouring that day so we did it at the gym together. I am hoping to find a running club in our town. My friends tease me because of how much I like to talk while running. Next week will be better. I am motivated already : )


Ellyn said…
It's not that we tease you, it's that we are jealous that we can't talk while we must have something to do with you being in awesome shape...and for me at least still striving to get mile at a time :)!
I second ellyn...I am not good enough to talk and run at the same time. Your post makes it seem like I ran 20 miles with you...I was on the treadmill next to you running and walking and only did like 1/4 of what you did in the almost the same amount of time. Wow 10 miles this weekend that is so good. Go Susy Go Susy Go Susy
Kathleen T said…
It's funny that you are battling your long runs also, mine have never seem so slow and boring. I might have to fly to Ohio to get them done! I miss my running buddy! We all miss you so much, but are very happy that your back home and (almost) happily settled in your new home.
Love always,

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