Chicken Corn Chowder

All cozy by the fire!

We are a soup family! As soon as the weather turns the slightest chilly I am ready with the soup pot and grabbing all my soup books to see what I want to make. We had some flurries last night and that got us in the mood. I love Cuisine at Home magazine. I have had a subscription since 2001. They come out with cookbooks every few months and one of the books that I bought was called "Splendid Soups and Spectacular Sides." There are so many soups in this book that I want to try. I couldn't decide between Corn Chowder, Roasted Tomato or Tortilla Soup. I ended up combing a couple recipes to make Chicken Corn Chowder. It was so good!
Saute in 2 T butter
1 cup onions.
2 cloves garlic,
2 skinless boneless breast cut into chunks
add 2 cups corn
4 cups chicken broth
cook about 10 minutes then add
4 corn tortillas cut into cubes.
cook these another 5 minutes until absorbed into soup. It gives the soup a great texture.
add 1/2 cup cream
1 ts cayenne pepper
salt and pepper to taste.
We sprinkled this with cheese and chopped tomatoes. It simmered on the stove for about 30 minutes on low until my husband got home. He ate a couple bowls last night and took the rest to work today. My daughter ate a bowl and loved it as well. We will be saving this recipe to make again. Happy Fall!


Now this looks yummy! I like soups too. Look at that pretty couch those cute kids are sitting on. I just got all the stuff to make the apple turnovers. I will let you know how they go. Enjoy your fireplace!
Natashya said…
Chicken corn chowder sounds like a great idea! Sometimes just following what you are hungry for can lead you to wonderful new recipes.
Cheers, welcome to TFF.
Laura said…
I am running to the commissary today to get groceries and this is on my list to cook this week!! :) It is something easy for me to make with it just being the two of us!! YUMMY!!
Laura said…
Ok, so I made this tonight..and it was FABULOUS!!!!! I IMMEDIATELY wrote it on a recipe card and stored it for another time REAL soon!! Owen even ate almost an entire bowl! Thank you for a wonderful recipe!!
I am glad that you enjoyed it too! I can't wait to see new pictures of your family. Are you even showing yet : O ) I hope things have settled down in your new house.
Shiny said…
Do you have a good potato soup recipe? I tried two last night and neither was what I was looking for...
Ezra still stayed home today, but I may come out to Sam's tonight or take the kids tomorrow morning...what are your plans tonight or tomorrow?

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