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Grace of Piggy’s Cooking Journal chose the Rugelach this week! I have been wanting to try this type of recipe forever. I had a friend give me plate of them last year for Christmas. They always seemed too complicated or hard to make. The dough was lovely to work with. I made the filling ahead of time and let it all sit until I had time today to roll them out. I love this cookie. I am hoping to make some for a cookie exchange this year. It will be my first time hosting. My friend Ellyn started it in Mt many years ago! I am looking forward to trying lots of great Thanksgiving and Holiday Recipes in the next couple of months. I am going to continue to run and hope that helps balance the holidays out. I have been working on Thanksgiving cards all morning. We are having warm weather for November it really doesn't feel like winter is anywhere close.


Engineer Baker said…
I'm not holding my breath for the cold weather - I'm okay with it coming a bit later than normal :) Your rugelach look wonderful, perfect for a cookie exchange.
I have never tried this cookie...eaten it or baked it. It looks little hard?
It's been in the 70's here for 2 weeks...finally our leaves are's beautiful here right now!
Good for you on the Thanksgiving have me beat...maybe I will look at my paper tonight and try to come up with an idea.
Wish I could come to your cookie exchange!
Ellyn said…
Yay for continuing the cookie exchange!! You'll have to be sure to post what you make. I don't know that I'm having one of my own this year....but will probably attend a couple. I enjoyed the rugelach as well...did you eat it warm? You think it's too warm in the Midwest and I woke up to snow today! At least we didn't have a huge snowfall in October like we usually did in MT!
Your rugelach cookies look lovely and golden. Aren't they just delicious!
Steffany said…
Susy, your rugelach look beautiful and I just wish I were there to share a couple with you as we drink lots of good rich coffee. I miss you especially much this morning. :) Love you, sister!
Barbara said…
Rugelach sound great for a cookie exchange!

It just snowed here in southern Wisconsin. It didn't stay around, but still...guess it's winter.

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