First Day of School

Today the kids started back to school. It was a bittersweet moment for all of us. The kids both got the teachers that we wanted and they have friends in there class from last year. This always helps! I enjoyed my day of going to the gym, cleaning house and rearranging furniture all by myself. I was glad when it was time to pick them up. I missed my kids today! So another school year begins......


Ellyn said…
You've had a great and busy summer with your kids...I'm sure it was hard to have them gone today! I LOVE Anna's tights...too cute!
Jeni said…
Jonathon and Anna look so cute and big. I think it's so sad when they start a new year....but shoot I am already in the swing of things and you will get there. Anna's socks are soooo cute. Where did you get them...I want to get Madi some! You have always dressed your kids so cute. So what is your dinner menu for the first day?

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