Summer Vacation

Garden of the gods in Colorado Springs

Grammy and the kids and the kissing cousins.

My niece loved the birds at the beach. We went to the beach to escape the heat wave Or was having. It was 112 a couple days in a row.

A great hike into the high lakes of the Wallowa Mountains. This turned out to be a alot longer then we thought (about 13 miles round trip).

hiking in the Wallowa Mountains
the cousins having some play time at our family reunion

Anna learned to drive the 4 wheeler.

Everyone enjoyed DQ after playing at the park all afternoon. The boys enjoying a fun water park.

Jonathan celebrated his 9th birthday while in Wa.

We arrived home from such a wonderful summer vacation. 6 weeks is a long time to travel around the U.S. We got to visit so many friends and family members. It was a great way to spend our summer. We are already talking about next summer : -)


Jeni said…
You have been gone FOREVER! Sounds like the perfect fun summer. Just wait until the kids teachers asked them what they did over the summer. You sure look like your mom. Some of those places looked so pretty. Your little ones looked like they had been kissed from the sun with those cute little tans they have. Glad you made it home safe and sound!
Susie said…
Welcome home! I love that shot of the lake on your hike- it must have been 10X more beautiful in real life!!

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