Barefoot Pizza

I love Pizza! I have tried many varieties of this dish. My favorite so far has been Italian Style pizza with a thin and crunchy crust. I am always up for trying a new version of this wonderful comfort food. I was excited to try White Pizza with Arugula for my Barefoot Bloggers group. As I started to make the pizza I realized I was out of a few main ingrediants such as goat cheese and Arugula. Since this was the last day of the month to post the recipe, I decided to go ahead and make it using what I had on hand. I made the dough ahead of time and stuck it in the fridge until closer to dinner time. I made the salad dressing and added tomatoes and lettuce and a little extra cheese to the salad. I also used part of the dough for plain cheese pizzas for the kids. Everyone ate all there dinner and I got to use these cool pizza plates that I bought last year. Our picky son even told me he liked it! Thanks to Andrea of Nummy Kitchen for choosing a great recipe.


Jeni said…
Leave it to you Susy to make a great dinner after even missing some of the main ingredients. Those are the most fun pizza plates!!!
Susie said…
Hey Susy- we could use a really good dough recipe. I'll have to check out your collection!

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