Mango Banana Daquiris

I was looking forward to trying this months selection from Veronica of Supermarket Serenade She chose Mango Banana Daiquiris as the 1st Ina Garten recipe for the month of August. These were super simple to make. I threw everything into my blender and started it up. My kitchen Aide blender made a funny sound and stopped working. I took the blender off to find that all of the black rubber had been worn off the bottom. After 11 years of always being there for me, it finally broke! I guess this means that I get to choose a color that is NOT cobalt blue.
I ended up making the drinks in the food processer and they turned out fine. I skipped the simple syrup step and bought simple syrup from Trader Joes. I think it was a little too much rum for me but then I usually only have a half a glass of wine with dinner. You can check out Barefoot Bloggers to see their take on this drink.


Me! said…
Definitely not worth making simple syrup just for this. Though it's nice to have some in the fridge ready to go if you are a sugar addict like me. I made a batch of candied orange zest in December. I kept the left over sugar solution in the fridge (no way was I tossing close to 3 pints worth of sugar) and I have it for anything I can think of. I still have a pint or so worth left but it's serving me well.
Ellyn said…
It looks pretty Susy! I obviously skipped out on this one :). I can't wait to see what your selection is for next month!!!

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