Brownie Pudding

I have been putting off trying this recipe. It didn't look great to me. I thought the texture would be too soft almost like a creme brulee. I was totally mistaken! I made this on Friday evening. Fridays are my long run days and I usually eat what I want afterwards. I halved this recipe since I didn't want 8 servings. I could not believe how delicious this was. I baked it in the water bath and let it cool to room temp. I sampled it a couple hours later. I could not stop eating it. I even ate a serving for breakfast the next day. It was that GOOD! I know that others enjoyed this amazing dessert too. It was crunchy on top and then soft and gooey inside. Tia of Southern, Eh? chose Brownie Pudding. You can find Ina’s recipe here or in Barefoot Contessa’s latest book, Back to Basics. Thanks Tia for the amazing recipe choice. This is one of my new favorites recipes. Next time I will make this for a dinner party so there won't be any leftovers.


Now what could be better than brownie pudding?

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