French Yogurt Cake for TWD

Liliana of My Cookbook Addiction chose this weeks recipe for the French Yogurt Cake with Marmalade Glaze. This is a great recipe and requires one bowl! I had trouble finding Lemon Marmalade so I made my own version of it with lemons and tangerines. I poured it over the warm cake and let it all soak in. WOW! I couldn't believe how tasty this was and how simple as well. My Baking cookbook is starting to "show" that I have been using it. I have never made so many recipes out of one cookbook before. It is really fun to try recipes that I would normally pass over. It is even better when we enjoy them. Thanks Liliana for the simple cake! I would like to try this again warm out of the oven.


Mamalade glaze sounds heavenly!
Teanna said…
Yes! So glad you made your own marmalade! I wanted to but then ended up not doing it! Your cake looks great!
TeaLady said…
I wondered if pouring it over a warm cake would help the flavor. Thought about it, didn't do it, glad you did. Cake looks great.
Pamela said…
Nice job! The cake looks great and so moist! Sadly, my book is showing some signs of usage, too. At least it's well loved.
Beth said…
Wow - making your own marmalade! That is very impressive :-)
Ellyn said…
I am SO---- behind! Although this cake looks really good. I should make this one on Friday before Dan gets home from TDY. So glad you found a recipe you liked :).
Annette said…
Looks great! I enjoy making things I normally wouldn't too. I loved this one. :)

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